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About Bri van Scotter

Wild game cookbook author and television host, Chef Bri Van Scotter, is passionate about showing you there is more to wild game than just grilling a back strap.

Chef Bri went from cooking in fine dining restaurants to self harvesting, and is passionate about where her ingredients come from. She aims to inspire others to connect with their food through hunting, foraging, and cooking.

Bri Van Scotter

Wild Game Elevated

About Mark Livesay

Mark Livesay is the founder of Treeline Pursuits and the creator of Treeline Academy. He spent his first two elk hunting decades traveling from Missouri to the Western states. Each season, Mark spends 75+ days in the backcountry pursuing elk in multiple Western states - making his e-scouting paramount in his success.

Mark has been featured as a guest on a growing list of hunting’s best podcasts, including The Gritty Podcast, Rich Outdoors, GOHUNT, Eastmans Elevated, Hunt Harvest Health, Elk Shape, Backcountry Rookies, Shoot'n The Bull, and Interviews With The Hunting Masters.

Mark Livesay

Next Level E-scouting

About John Barklow

For over two decades, retired U.S. Navy serviceman John Barklow has taught elite U.S. Special Operations & SAR units the skills and mindset necessary to thrive in remote wilderness areas. John has trained these modern warriors to be habitually proficient in multiple dynamic mountain conditions in the most grueling conditions. John also develops clothing and equipment at SITKA for military and hunting uses.

John Barklow

Wilderness Survival Techniques

About Larry White

Classically trained chef and avid outdoorsman Larry White is a master at teaching his technique-driven approach to cooking wild game. Larry has spent the better part of 20 years in a wide array of professional kitchens and in the field. His fundamentals will transfer your game cookery to the next level.

Larry White

Wild Game Cooking Techniques

About Ryan Lampers

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Ryan Lampers

Western Backcountry Hunting

About Brian Call

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Brian Call

Western Backcountry Hunting